About Hanko

From Idea to Product.

We founded Hanko with a clear mission:

"Enabling developers to implement and run strong passwordless authentication."

That is what drives us everyday.

The name "Hanko" is inspired by seals that are used in Japan for putting your signature on a document. Our passwordless authentication technology is also based on (digital) signatures, so we find the name to be quite fitting.


The vision 🔮

"We make passwords obsolete!" – That was our masterplan when we started working on Hanko as a side project. A quick analysis showed that all existing authentication solutions either still relied on passwords as the first authentication factor or have other weaknesses. There must be a better solution...


Authenticator App 🐥

The first prototypes of Hanko Authenticator App (based on FIDO UAF) were developed and were able to prove that our concept of passwordless authentication works. First pilot customers were found quickly. We founded Hanko GmbH and joined the FIDO Alliance right from the start.

Summer 2019

FIDO2 certification & investors 🎖️

We participated at the FIDO Alliance certification event in Lisbon and passed all certification tests with our Hanko FIDO2 Server that we developed from scratch based on the open FIDO2 standard. The final product was getting more and more polished and the need for an API-based WebAuthn solution was verified. We were also able to find first investors that share our vision of a passwordless internet.

Early 2020

Authentication API launch 💻

Hanko FIDO Server and Hanko Authentication API are ready to make convenient and secure passwordless authentication with WebAuthn and FIDO2 as easy as 1-2-3.


The next chapter... 🚀

We're working in high gear on something that's much bigger than anything we've built before. Still passwordless, but also open-source, cloud-native, and extremely powerful.

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