Shery Ghahraman, Senior Sales Executive

Following the successful completion of the latest financing round announced in January, the startup for passwordless authentication solutions is now building up its sales team, in addition to other central roles. Shery Ghahraman will be the new Senior Sales Executive at Hanko and takes over the lead for worldwide enterprise sales development.

Shery Ghahraman joins from OneLogin, where she was responsible for the DACH sales activities. In total, she has over 12 years of sales experience within SaaS companies. Felix Magedanz, founder and CEO of Hanko, is pleased about the addition: "With Shery, we are gaining a very experienced sales strategist. With her we can take the next step to building a successful enterprise sales organisation.”

Shery is also very excited about the new role and a firm believer in the startup`s passwordless authentication solution. “Hanko has huge potential in becoming the market leader for passwordless authentication tools targeting developers all around the world. I’m looking forward to helping with that”, says Shery Ghahraman. 

In addition to the enterprise solution, which addresses especially banks and larger corporations, Hanko also offers a self-service solution for developers and smaller businesses with a free entry price tier. 

About Hanko

Hanko is a software as a service startup offering solutions for secure and easy authentication without passwords across devices. Hanko`s API enables an effortless transition to a completely password-free multifactor authentication and thus helps to increase the usability of authentication processes and to close security gaps. The company is a member of the international FIDO Alliance and the first European provider of a certified FIDO solution. With a FIDO Developer API, Hanko is targeting corporate software developers in particular. Its customers include international software and cloud providers, the public sector, and companies in the financial and healthcare sectors.