White paper

Breakthrough Security for Crypto Transactions

Embrace passwordless authentication to enhance security and productivity

As more people hop on the crypto train, the rise in security threats and the risk for human error grows. Though available wallet solutions have come a long way, there's still a some way to go to build an adequate user experience for trading, using, and storing cryptocurrency that protects and benefits the user. Digitally enhanced crypto wallets, such as hardware and online wallets, are a promising way to provide crypto traders a secure and digital way to get the most out of their assets. However, the primary method for access relies on passwords, which do not offer the level of security necessary for sensitive systems and confidential information. 

This white paper offers

  • The 2021 state of Crypto Authentication
  • 3 crypto trends that will pave the way in 2021
  • Reasons why rypto brokers cannot survive without passwordless authentication
  • Step-by-step guide how to get your passwordless project going