White paper

PSD2-compliant Delegated Authentication for E-Commerce

Enable PSD2-compliant payments which you control

Create a simple and secure checkout process that you control and your customers will love.

PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication reduces the risk for fraud, but also can make the checkout process much more complicated, increasing the likelihood of cart abandonment and lost revenue and the customer experience suffers.

Delegated Authentication let's the merchant handle the customer authentication and allows for a clean, end-to-end checkout experience on the merchant's website or app.

This white paper offers

  • A solution how online merchants can benefit from Delegated Authentication to accelerate user satisfaction and revenue.
  • Learn which standards offer the simplest and easiest way to ensure 100% compliance with the PSD2’s new SCA mandate.
  • How Hanko can help you to set up Delegated Authentication without much hassle or high operating costs.


Delegated Authentication with Hanko means:

  • Better customer checkout experience with Touch ID and Face ID directly on your website and in your app
  • You as the merchant control the complete checkout flow, no more redirects to sloppy 3-D Secure SCA websites
  • Less abandoned purchases
  • Full PSD2 compliance