White paper

The Ultimate Guide to Passwordless Authentication

Breaking Free of Passwords

The number of platforms that require personal entry points has multiplied. The result? Dozens of combinations, both simple and complex, in need of remembering and protecting. Passwords can be seen these days as a hacker's delight. Additionally, passwords are a pain, for users and companies. A huge amount of resources including time and money are allocated to solve problems like "password forgotten". Resources which could be spend smarter.

Thereby, everyone`s life could be easier. Users are already accustomed to unlocking their phones and other devices with biometrics, one form of passwordless authentication. The adoption has been a huge success (almost 90% adoption rate), due to the smooth user experience and the enhanced security. The technology to use that on websites and web applications is there. It just has to be implemented. And that is easier than one might think.

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