Hanko FIDO® Server

Certified FIDO® Server for on-premise deployments with care-free support and maintenance options.
FIDO Server

One Server to Rule Them All

Hanko FIDO® Server supports all FIDO authentication methods: FIDO Security Keys, biometric app authentication, and the latest platform authenticators like Windows Hello or TouchID and Face ID are all made possible with a single FIDO Server.

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FIDO2® certified:

WebAuthn, FIDO2 and FIDO UAF

Supporting FIDO-based passwordless multi-factor authentication methods on a website or app normally requires additional complex infrastructure in your application stack. This would include code for handling cryptographic keys and signatures, authenticator attestation data, and multi-step authentication flows.

With Hanko Authentication Service, you can skip all this and get straight to the fun of integrating FIDO into your frontend. We also provide you with demo code, example implementations, best practices, and detailed instructions to make your life even better.