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Hanko Authentication API is an Authentication-as-a-Service (AaaS) solution that enables your organization to easily apply passwordless multi-factor authentication with biometrics and WebAuthn to guarantee your customers easy access to your applications without sacrificing secure authentication.

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Hanko Authentication API

Hanko’s passwordless authentication enables your users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to your online services in both mobile and desktop environments. Our technology is built on world leading FIDO and WebAuthn open standards. With our managed developer API and online documentation, you’ll be running your passwordless project in no time.

We work hard to make Hanko Authentication API scalable and secure. Making sure that everything is always up-to-date and compliant with the newest standards is what drives us. Our goal: Helping your applications to achieve maximum compatibility with modern end user devices and browsers while still offering cutting edge security and user experience.

With Hanko Authentication, you can get straight to the fun of integrating passwordless multi-factor authentication.

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Hanko Authentication API supports the following use cases:

Biometric Web Authentication

Biometrics such as Touch ID and Face ID have long since become established for apps on smartphones and tablets. On websites, this convenient and secure form of authentication has not been technically possible - until now. With just a few easy-to-use API endpoints, Hanko provides the necessary WebAuthn infrastructure for SaaS, FinTech, Banking, eCommerce, and many more to offer users secure and simple authentication with Touch ID & Co.

More about Biometric Web Authentication

FIDO Security Keys

Security Keys provide a simple and secure way to enable hardware-based multi-factor authentication without passwords. The keys work with public key cryptography and replace legacy two-factor authentication methods like SMS codes or OTP apps. FIDO Security Keys are more convenient and reliable than smart cards, password apps, or other proprietary security tokens.

Security Keys are a perfect additional passwordless option aside from native biometrics like Touch ID, allowing the user to move its identity across devices.

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Push Authentication

Hanko Push Authentication can be integrated into any native app on iOS and Android or rolled out as a dedicated white-label Authenticator App. Push Authentication is also based on cryptographic FIDO protocols, providing a strong form of passwordless authentication, unlike SMS codes or OTP. Hanko Authentication API also supports push-based out-of-band (OOB) authentication as another form of passwordless authentication.

Coming soon

Native App Biometrics & Device Binding

If you want to support Biometrics in your native app on iOS or Android and want to enable “Device Binding”, Hanko Authentication API has got you covered. By integrating our mobile SDKs, you can build your cryptographic signature-based authentication flow that will not rely on passwords.

Why you will love Hanko Authentication

Straightforward interface your users will love

We built all our supported authentication flows with a clean and user-friendly design in mind. Our technology works with biometric authentication like Face ID or fingerprint, which your users already know and will love you for bringing that to your service.
With Hanko Authentication, your users don't need new equipment or to change their habits.

Certified FIDO infrastructure

The FIDO protocols use proven public key cryptography techniques to provide the strongest authentication possible. Hanko Authentication is a certified FIDO® Server infrastructure that we run for you in the cloud. We are an active member of the FIDO Alliance and work with top tech leaders on the future of strong passwordless authentication.

Made for developers

When building Hanko, our main goal was taking the complexity out of user authentication – for the end user, but especially for the developer. Our detailed online documentation and open source approach allow for a seamless integration into existing and new projects. Try Hanko for free to test if it fits your needs.

Privacy by default

As a European company, we are obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. And the FIDO protocols are designed from the ground up to protect user privacy. Cryptographic login credentials are unique for every website, never leave the user’s devices, and are never stored on our or your server. Neither are the biometrics. We only process and store data that is absolutely necessary for your authentication flows, nothing else – to keep your customer’s data private and you out of any trouble.

Easy to integrate

We provide you with demo code, example implementations, best practices, and detailed instructions to make your integration project a breeze. We want you to be able to focus on your important tasks instead of building complex authentication solutions. With Hanko Authentication, you will save developer resources, time, and money.

Hanko Developer Console

Hanko Console is our management interface, giving you access to Hanko Authentication API. It allows you to manage your user pools and configure all WebAuthn and FIDO settings for your websites and applications. As an administrator, you can use the Console to generate API keys for the Hanko API and configure the available authentication methods for your client devices.

In order to make the integration of Hanko Authentication API into your application infrastructure as easy as possible, we offer a number of mobile, client-side, and server-side SDKs. Read here to learn more.

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