Hanko for E-Commerce

Biometric login and
delegated authentication
for e-commerce checkouts

Create a fast and secure checkout flow that you control and your customers will love.

The challenge

PSD2 and 3DS cripple ecommerce

Typical 3DS SCA flows require customers to interact with their bank during checkout.

  • Merchants don’t have end-to-end control over the buying experience

  • Up to 20% of all 3DS purchases are not completed

  • Billions of revenue lost

The opportunity

What if ...

Merchants could use a single, frictionless authentication method for both login and payment SCA?

  • “Apple Pay”-like UX on mobile and desktop

  • 100% merchant controlled

  • PSD2-compliant & fraud-safe

Reduce cart abandonment & increase revenue

Delegated Authentication:
The ideal shopping experience

Delegated Authentication with WebAuthn allows the merchant to carry out Strong Customer Authentication on their website or mobile app. FIDO2-powered WebAuthn is the SCA method of choice in the Delegated Authentication programmes of the EMVCo card schemes.

  • No need to authenticate the user twice

  • Consistent shopping experience

  • Increases customer loyalty by removing auth friction and making accounts more accessible

  • Signed-in users tend to have higher order values

What are you waiting for?

Jump start your
Delegated Authentication

Implementing FIDO2 is not an easy task and can take months to build from scratch.

  • Hanko Authentication API is a certified FIDO2 Server for cloud or on-prem deployments

  • Supports all FIDO-enabled devices and biometrics (Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello, Android Biometrics)

  • Scalable cloud infrastructure, ready-to-go

  • Compliant with Mastercard Identity Check Express, VISA Delegated Authentication, and Amex SafeKey programmes

Merchant Checklist:

  • Join Mastercard & VISA Authentication Express Programmes

  • Implement FIDO authentication

  • Work with PSP / Aquirer on 3DS 2.2 integration

  • Test against Mastercard & VISA sandboxes

  • Ship it to customers

Advantages for merchants

Create the best payment experience possible

Improve sales conversions and revenue

Keep full control of checkout experience

Avoid cart abandonment

Scalable and easy to deploy

Full compliance with PSD2

Delegated authentication reduces friction and enables a seamless customer checkout experience. The perfect way to increase speed and security of your checkout process.

Your conversion rates will drastically improve when you use Delegated Authentication by Hanko.

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