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Login, but better

Passwordless authentication makes your users happy and saves you the password hassle.


One-touch login

Whether your SaaS product already has thousands of users or if you are just starting to build it. All SaaS products have one thing in common. They require a login for their users. Authentication processes should be well considered, as they are required every time a user signs up or logs in again. They affect your product’s user experience, user retention and security.

Implement passwordless authentication based on FIDO2 & WebAuthn

Passwords grow in vulnerability, are outdated and a pain for everyone involved. Biometric authentication based on FIDO protocols is a much smarter way to design your SaaS login. Passwordless authentication based on FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards empowers your users to seamlessly sign in to the platform without having to share a password or reveal any personal information. FIDO offers the opportunity to use biometric web authentication such as Face and Touch ID on all websites and almost every browser.

Don’t waste your time building from scratch

Building secure and user friendly authentication takes time and know-how. Time you would rather need to build your platform or product. Hanko offers a developer Authentication API that gives instant access to a cloud-hosted Universal FIDO Server with WebAuthn endpoints. We also provide multiple SDKs for all major platforms as well as FIDO-compatible white-label Authenticator Apps and app SDKs for iOS and Android.

Advantages for you

Innovative and frictionless UX

No customer passwords in your databases drastically reduces impact of a possible data breache

Reduce support workload due to “forgotten passwords”

Protected against phishing and account takeover

Less burden signing in - as they do not have to use yet another password

No more costly 2FA messages

Learn how we helped SAP set up passwordless authentication

Your user experience and security will be drastically improved when you use Hanko.io for your authentication.

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