Hanko provides custom web components for all authentication use cases that can be placed freely in every web app.

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Secure & convenient,
built for passkeys.

Passkeys are a new way to sign in that that replaces passwords. By using built-in capabilities of your devices like secure hardware and fingerprint or face recognition, passkeys are more secure and easier to use than both passwords and all current 2-factor authentication methods.

– Based on public-key cryptography

– Natively supported on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

– Synchronized across your user's devices

More about passkeys

Lead your users into
a passwordless world.

The future is passwordless – but today may be not. Hanko provides a beautiful login that meets your users where they are, and carefully guides them into a world beyond passwords. For better security, higher conversion rates, and happier users.

You do you. We run your auth.

Focus on building and scaling your app while Hanko Cloud takes care of authentication and user management.

“I wanted to say how amazing the Hanko system is. The experience for developers and users is so far ahead of anything else I found in the identity / authentication space.”
Darren Crossley
Head of Software Development @ agrantis
“Hanko's simple yet future-proof authentication solution quickly convinced us when building our vertical bank. Customer-centric and frictionless, but at the same time fulfilling our advanced PSD2 requirements.”
Stefan Weiß
Co-Founder & CTO at Cure Digital Finance GmbH
“With the help of Hanko, we were able to prove the feasibility of our vision for a passwordless login at SAP Universal ID in terms of technical implementation as well as usability on all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.”
Michael Braun
IT Chief Product Owner of Identity & User Management at SAP SE
“Great product — I'm loving it.”
James Xu
Co-Founder & CTO @ kangaroo
“The development effort for introducing passwordless authentication was significantly reduced through the use of Hanko. The Hanko team helped us to successfully navigate implementing passwordless authentication into our application stack and user interfaces.”
Thilo Brandt
IT Senior Manager, SAP Universal ID at SAP SE
tim cappaskey
x logo
Check out! An open-source, developer focused, passkey centric authentication stack! Love to see it.
Congrats @FlxMgdnz!
3:41 PM Aug 9, 2022
Alex MacCaw
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Passkeys is a new authentication technology wich poised to remove the need for passwords. Check out and @hanko_io for more info!
11:36 PM Dec 8, 2022
Peer Richelsen
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super cool
Hanko: Open source alternative to Auth= with superpowers via @producthunt
9:10 AM Aug 19, 2022
Pedro Sanders
x logo
This weekend I plan to try Passkeys by I'm excited to get a hint at a. passwordless future.
The best thing about this tool? Is Open Source 🙇
3:00 PM Oct 28, 2022
Adrian van Putten
x logo
I really ejoyed integrating
10:37 AM Mar 17, 2023
tobi lutke
x logo
Passkeys, you can play around with them on but hopefully you will see them everywhere soon. The web is bugged in that we didn't have a sane auth layer. This is the solution. The web will be 10x better with effortless secure auhtentication.
3:31 PM Dec 19, 2022
Coming soon

Just want to add passkeys to your existing login?

Allow your users to skip passwords and traditional 2FA by supporting passkeys. Plug in Hanko Passkey API into your existing auth stack and benefit from our industry-leading passkey infrastructure.

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