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Hanko is built for passkeys – a new way to sign in that works completely without passwords.
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Bye bye passwords

Allow your users to skip the password altogether.

2FA, but awesome to use

Passkeys are inherently 2FA, but as easy to use as Touch ID and Face ID.

Social SSO

Enable popular 3rd-party identity providers like Google, Microsoft, and more with minimal configuration.
Integrate SSO

Increase your conversion rates

New account creation with a single click, using existing identities and sessions.

Automatic account linking

So your users don't have to remember which way they signed up for your app.

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Email Passcodes

A simple passcode that verifies that a user is in control of their email address. Also a good choice for passwordless authentication.

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With Hanko, you can make passwords optional and let your users decide if they still want a password to protect their accounts.

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2-Factor Authentication

To protect weaker factors like passwords or email passcodes, Hanko also supports optional or even mandatory 2FA with TOTP Authenticator apps.

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Modern and secure login methods for your app, exactly as you need them.

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Security key

Security Keys for even more protection

Maximum security

Security Keys are the most secure auth method and part of Hanko's 2FA.

Let users decide

Not everyone has a Security Key. But if they do, let them use it.

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