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The easiest-to-implement auth for high growth startups.

Don’t want to roll your own auth? But want to increase your new user sign up rates and keep your existing users happy?
Hanko provides all auth and user management features you need, and none of the bs you don’t.

tobi lutke
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Passkeys, you can play around with them on passkeys.io but hopefully you will see them everywhere soon. The web is bugged in that we didn't have a sane auth layer. This is the solution. The web will be 10x better with effortless secure auhtentication.
3:31 PM Dec 19, 2022
Alex MacCaw
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Passkeys is a new authentication technology wich poised to remove the need for passwords. Check out passkeys.io and @hanko_io for more info!
11:36 PM Dec 8, 2022
Nevo David
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Not sure how many times you have done it, but it's time to build the login.
@hanko.io provides a great way to implement login out of the box, and trust me. It's better than auth0.
8:40 AM May 30, 2023

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Committed to your success

Most auth SaaS providers will provide their tech and leave you to it. We're committed to you being successful, so any of SaaS startups that are accepted on our Startup plan will have our consulting / engineering team to help them on a 1 to 1 basis.

Easy integration

No need to roll your own - get the job done easily with Hanko’s pre-built UI components and scalable cloud infrastructure. We're hyper focused on delivering the best auth experience (including passwordless) so you can focus on your core features.

Future-proofed for Passkeys

We're already market leaders for passkeys and as an open source company with an engaged community, we're committed to building the best auth & user experience for the future.

Hanko is flexible enough to be all or part of your auth solution.

Hanko Elements

Place, style, done. Pre-built web components for any website or app enable fast integration and guarantee user satisfaction.

Hanko Backend

Plug-in Hanko’s passkey API into your infrastructure for fast, FIDO-certified passkey support

Hanko Backend

Plug in Hanko’s passkey API into your infrastructure for fast, FIDO-certified passkey support.

Integrates in minutes,
with any web application

Hanko Elements are built to blend in with your app - in minutes. Based on standard web components, they can be placed like any other HTML element and quickly styled with simple CSS.

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Integration Guides. Code snippets to get started with Hanko and your frontend framework of choice.

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Examples. Open source example implementations for popular app frameworks.

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