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Authentication that can do more than just passwords

The future is passwordless – but today is not. Hanko provides a beautiful login that meets your users where they are, and carefully guides them into a world beyond passwords.

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not another (password) login

Hanko has everything you need to get your users onboarded and authenticated. It starts with a password login that everyone knows how to use, and relies on email passcodes for recovery and account verification. But Hanko goes beyond standard authentication, adding a new passwordless layer called passkeys to your login.

Passwords to include all users

Passcodes for extra security

Passkeys to go beyond passwords

Login box with passwordLogin box with passkey

For developers,
but as simple as no-code

Add a future-proof login box to your project with just 2 lines of code, throw in some CSS, and you're done with authentication.


Place Hanko login box

The Hanko login box is what makes the integration so simple: it's a web component that can be placed anywhere on your app or website.

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Customize CSS

Style the Hanko login box to fit your brand. Almost everything can be changed with pre-defined CSS classes. You want gradient buttons? Here you go.

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Sit back and go passwordless

Hanko takes care of securing your login and guiding your users towards passwordless authentication with passkeys. You can focus on what matters: your project.

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“Hanko's simple yet future-proof authentication solution quickly convinced us when building our vertical bank. Customer-centric and frictionless, but at the same time fulfilling our advanced requirements for PSD2 SCA and SSO.”
Stefan Weiß, CTO - Digital Banking for Health Professionals
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“With the help of Hanko, we were able to prove the feasibility of our vision for a passwordless login at SAP Universal ID in terms of technical implementation as well as usability on all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.”
Michael Braun,
IT Chief Product Owner of Identity & User Management at SAP
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“The development effort for introducing passwordless authentication was significantly reduced through the use of Hanko. The Hanko team helped us to successfully navigate implementing passwordless authentication into our application stack and user interfaces.”
Thilo Brandt,
IT Senior Manager, SAP Universal ID

Explore the different login methods Hanko is providing

We love authentication, so we gave every Hanko login method* its own little space on our website for you to explore. Have fun :)

* that goes beyond passwords