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August Update: Admin API keys, statuspage, new fullstack docs

Summer may be reaching its peak, but the momentum at Hanko isn’t slowing down. We’ve got a lot to share this month, from Hanko Cloud enhancements to major documentation revamps. Here we go!

☁️ Enhancements in Hanko Cloud

  • Admin API: Introducing API keys for a secure and seamless way to access the admin API. You can create and manage these under Settings -> API Keys.
  • User Import: User import just became a whole lot smoother. You can now import users directly from the Users view using JSON files. What’s more? We’ve got an example file and a schema ready for you in the import popup.
  • Passkey Autofill Goes Mainstream: Our experimental passkey autofill feature has graduated! Based on rigorous testing and feedback, we're now confident in its stability and have enabled it for Hanko Cloud Login.
  • What's the status? We've configured a brand new status page for Hanko Cloud so you can see the live performance of our devops team.

📖 Hanko Documentation Updates

  • Fullstack Frameworks Coverage: Dive into our newly minted section that covers popular fullstack frameworks like Next.js, Deno Fresh, and Nuxt. This section includes frequently requested information on middleware components too.
  • Hanko Docs Revamp: We’re in the process of a massive overhaul of Hanko Docs using Nextra. This revamp will deliver richer content and will consolidate content that’s currently scattered in readme files on GitHub.

👩‍💻 Starter Repos Unleashed

With the aim of making your kickstart with Hanko even smoother, we’ve released starter repos for Next.js, Nuxt, SvelteKit, and Symfony. Check them out on our GitHub.

🎉 Hanko v0.8.3 Is Here!

  • More Control Over Signups: Now you can opt to disable user self-service sign-up.
  • Admin API Upgrades: Need to create new users, especially with new user sign-ups turned off? The admin API now allows you to do just that.
  • Static Status Pages: For quick diagnostics and checks, both our admin and public APIs now serve a simple static status page at /.
  • Lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements

As the digital realm evolves, so do we. We're always working to ensure you have the best authentication and security tools at your fingertips. Your thoughts, feedback, and contributions keep us on our toes, so don’t hesitate to engage with our team.

Wishing you a secure and splendid end to the summer!

P.S. Stay connected and updated by following us on X. See you there!

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