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FIDO Developer Challenge

The Hackathon to build strong and simpler FIDO Authentication

Building upon the FIDO Developer Challenge’s success in Korea over the last two years, the FIDO Alliance is globally expanding the challenge program to engage and empower developers to accelerate service deployment with out-of-box ideas. Participating teams can share their experiences going passwordless by implementing FIDO2 API into the envisioned services or products (e.g., Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Retail, Blockchain, Game, Education, etc.,) and get recognized within the global FIDO community.

At Hanko we are super excited to be able to support that event. Felix Magedanz, our Founder and CEO, has been dealing with multi-factor and passwordless authentication in consumer-facing applications for many years and is a renowned expert in that field. That is why he will also be one of the judges at the Hackathon.

Picture of felix Magedanz
Felix Magedanz, Founder & CEO Hanko

We asked him some questions concerning the event. Please read below.

Why have you chosen to sponsor the 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge?

Felix: Hanko was founded because we wanted to take out the complexity of passwordless and multi-factor authentication. When building Hanko, our main goal was to take the stress out for developers and deliver an easy and still secure way to implement FIDO and WebAuthn. When we heard of the FIDO Developer Challenge, we instantly fell in love with the idea. We think it's a great way to support the community in developing authentication processes and show different options to do so.

As a sponsoring company and judge of this year’s Challenge program, what are you hoping to see from developer submissions?

Felix: Concerning the teams who are going to participate I hope to see a wide variety of ideas across different industries. FIDO authentication is crucial for any company that needs to authenticate users in some way, which is pretty much nearly every business you can think of. I would like to see this diversity reflected in the business ideas of the participants as well. 

When it comes to implementing passwordless authentication, I'm curious how creative people get and what use cases we will see.

Do you have any added words of motivation to share with developers who are interested in the program?

Felix: First of all, I think it's great that the teams who are participating want to build passwordless authentication based on FIDO and WebAuthn into their projects right from the start. Every business who stops using outdated login processes helps to make the internet more secure and to enhance the user experience in general. 

My advice for the participants would be not to stress too much about the competition of this hackathon. It is and should be about learning instead of competing. Everyone participating has the same goal of implementing secure, easy and user-friendly authentication and we work together to reach that goal. The hackathon is a perfect learning opportunity to discover ways to further develop your products. Furthermore a great chance to network within the IAM industry. 

About Hanko: enables developers to switch to secure and completely passwordless multifactor authentication. The company is a member of the FIDO Alliance and the first provider of a certified FIDO solution in Europe. With the FIDO Developer API, Hanko addresses software developers in companies of all sizes. Hanko’s customers include international software and cloud providers, the public sector and companies from the financial and healthcare sectors.

Want to join? Apply here to take part in the FIDO Developer Challenge.

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