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Hanko Cloud Beta Launch

A little over a year ago, we started working on our open-source project, Hanko. Since then, we have been fully focused on building an authentication solution that enables a completely new user experience for both the login and for developers building with Hanko. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Public Beta of Hanko Cloud.

Your Hanko project, run by us

Hanko Cloud simplifies the process of launching and operating a new Hanko project. With Hanko Cloud, you can take advantage of Hanko's fast and straightforward integration, powered by Hanko Elements – our web components for the login box and user profile – without ever having to worry about deploying and running the software yourself. Hanko Cloud is built on a cloud-native architecture, where each project is a dedicated and isolated "pod" with its own namespace and database.

Hanko Cloud features

We have added several useful features to Hanko Cloud that make working with Hanko a breeze.

User analytics

When you open a project on Hanko Cloud, the first thing you'll see is a dashboard displaying basic user analytics charts. These charts allow you to track the number of users who signed up during a given timeframe, as well as how your total user count is developing. Additionally, the monthly and daily active user charts provide important metrics that allow you to track user activity. We plan to add more statistics in the coming months, such as "recurring users" and "authentication method distribution.”

User management

When running your "user table" on Hanko Cloud, the easiest way to access your user's data is through the user management features. You can search for users, inspect their details, authentication credentials, and activity, or delete them. Hanko focuses solely on authentication, so user data is limited to only the necessary information required to authenticate users. Other data, such as addresses or birthdays, is not stored on Hanko Cloud. Import and export functionality for users is already on the roadmap and will be added in future updates.

Audit logs

Early on, we built an audit logs API into Hanko. With Hanko Cloud, you have access to a searchable "Events" view that builds on top of the audit logs API. From here, you can browse all your audit logs, track and understand all user activity, and get a "live pulse" of your Hanko Cloud project.


Hanko Cloud allows you to easily configure your Hanko project. Do you want to run passwordless authentication or enable passwords? How about "Sign in with Google" or do you need to modify session duration? All configuration options are available on Hanko Cloud and can be changed quickly.

Simple and fair pricing

Hanko Cloud offers a generous free tier for up to 1,000 monthly active users. For production environments, we have created the Pro tier with fair and uncomplicated pricing that allows you to invite your team members for shared access to your Hanko Cloud projects and scales to meet your needs. For more details, visit the pricing page.

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