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We've Moved! Hanko Community Now On Discord.

We switched to Discord.

We're making a big leap, shifting our conversations from Slack to Discord. Hanko is an open-source authentication solution, built with community and transparency in mind and Discord feels like the perfect place for what we aim for.

Why Discord?

We were on Slack's free plan and losing valuable conversations with our users after 90 days was kind of becoming a deal breaker for us.

Discord, with its community-friendly interface and dynamic features, aligns perfectly with our vision. It is built with communities in mind, and the features it offers will help us foster a more developer-friendly and robust environment for both our users and contributors.

With its voice channels and customizable roles, discord offers much more freedom to make the community even more engaging and lively. And, not to mention, many of our OSS buddies are already there, making it an even more compelling choice for us.

Simply put, Discord really understands communities, especially ones like ours.

What happens to Slack?

No worries! We won't be immediately closing our Slack workspace. It'll stay open for the next few months to ensure no one misses out on the announcement or wonders what happened. Eventually, we'll archive it, but from now on, our main chats and discussions will be over on Discord.

Final thoughts

Change can be challenging, but it's also exciting. We believe this move will help us with our goal to make a richer, more interactive community experience for all of us. We can't wait to see the fantastic discussions, collaborations, and innovations that await on Discord. See you there!

Join us at our new home here:

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