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Hanko Passkey API — The fastest way to integrate passkeys

Passkeys are revolutionizing the login and are becoming indispensable, offering the highest level of security combined with great user-friendliness. Interest in passkeys is skyrocketing, and today we're excited to introduce our latest product for developers: The Hanko Passkey API — an open source passkey infrastructure and SDKs available on Hanko Cloud or for self-hosting.

The Hanko Passkey API is for you if...

  • you have an existing login / user base and want to extend it with passkeys or
  • you are developing a new app and want to include passkeys.

It's all about the Developer Experience

To make integration as simple as possible, we offer a JavaScript SDK. For Next.js developers, it's even easier: you can install a PasskeyProvider for Next-Auth (Auth.js), which can be set up in minutes. More SDKs and examples are underway. If you don't use JavaScript or Next.js, you can still use the Passkey API with the OpenAPI specification.

You can set up your access to the Passkey API for free on Hanko Cloud and get started.


You're not alone in choosing the Hanko Passkey API. Some of our great customers already using the API include:

  • — A UK-based fintech building a global real-time payment network.
  • — A German HealthTech startup that helps cure sleeping disorders.
  • — Accounting software provider from the Netherlands.
  • — The Open Source DocSend alternative.
  • More companies currently integrating will be listed here soon.

About us (or why Hanko?)

We've been fans of passkeys since before they even had a name. For 6 years, we've been part of the FIDO Alliance, experiencing the development of U2F, WebAuthn, and FIDO2 firsthand. As developers ourselves, we believe in the superiority of Open Source and the community approach. At Hanko, we therefore build open source solutions for authentication and passkeys and provide them as hosted services. This reduces the complexity of passkey integration for you, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable parts of your app development.

The business case for passkeys

If we've convinced you, but you need arguments for your colleagues, request sales material here or show them the Passkey Demo.

Start integrating passkeys now with your Hanko Cloud account.

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