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Hanko raises 1.2M €

We are incredibly proud to announce that adesso ventures is the lead investor in our latest financing round, with participation from HTGF | High-Tech Gründerfonds, Smart Infrastructure Ventures ('SIVentures'), Carl Frederic Zitscher, Jan Kaniess, and Prof. Dr. Roland Fassauer.

As an open-source authentication company, we have received tremendous feedback from a global community of developers. Our focus on easy-to-integrate, passwordless authentication with passkeys, while also considering current user habits, has allowed us to create a solution that strikes the perfect balance between security and convenience for anyone building software that needs a user login.

Together with adesso SE, a leader in enterprise software, we will continue to build upon the success of our open source project and bring secure and convenient passkey authentication to an even broader audience.

Let’s make the internet better, one passkey at a time.

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