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Nintendo brings passkeys to the world of gaming

When it comes to pioneering innovative gaming experiences, Nintendo rarely disappoints. Now, they've taken a leap in improving the user experience and security by introducing passkeys for the Nintendo Account. Congratulations, Nintendo!

Let's take a closer look at Nintendo's passkey implementation and talk about a few highlights as well as little things that could be improved.

What They Did Right:

Simplified Login: The passkey login option is displayed on the main login page and can be selected without having to enter a username or email address first. Awesome!

Guided Onboarding: Nintendo ensures that users aren't left scratching their heads. When registering a passkey, the page educates users about its features and advantages. It's always a great move when developers ensure that their users fully understand new features, especially when it comes to account security.

Manage Multiple Passkeys: Recognizing that many of us access our accounts from various devices, Nintendo allows users to register and manage multiple passkeys via profile settings.

Areas for Improvement:

While Nintendo's new passkey feature shines, there's always room to make things even better:

  1. Support for Passkey Autofill: As of now, the input fields for the username and password on Nintendo’s login page don't support passkey autofill (aka Conditional UI). Implementing this could make the passkey login even more accessible.
  2. Passkey Option Visibility: Depending on the screen size, users might only see the traditional password login at first and need to scroll down to find the passkey option. Ideally, the passkey feature shouldn’t be tucked away below the fold.
  3. Renaming Passkeys: Currently, users can't rename their passkeys in the profile settings. Renaming can often be useful, allowing users to remember which device or passkey provider (e.g., iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, 1Password) holds a particular passkey.

Stay Updated on Passkey Support:

For those curious about which major services support passkeys, we're curating this list for a quick overview on passkey adoption. It's exciting to see Nintendo join the ranks of companies like Google, GitHub, and TikTok embracing this user-friendly and secure login method.

Nintendo's move towards a simplified login experience is yet another strong signal that passkeys have finally hit the mainstream. It’s reassuring to see companies prioritize user convenience and security. Great job, Nintendo.

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