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November Update: v0.9.1 release, Hanko Supabase starter, and more

Greetings, Hanko Community!

November has been another eventful month in our journey towards reshaping the authentication landscape. From exciting new passkey rollouts to further improvements of our products, there's plenty to share. Let’s dive into the latest from Hanko!

✨ Product Highlights

  • Hanko v0.9.1 Release: The journey of improvement continues with version 0.9.1. This update brings Bengali and Brazilian Portuguese translations, auto-publishing of CLI binaries on GitHub, and numerous small tweaks and enhancements.
  • New Starter Repos: For our developer community, we've added new starter repositories for Hanko with Supabase and frameworks Vue and Svelte. These are available on GitHub, ready to kickstart your next project.

🔐 Passkey Ecosystem

  • Major Passkey Rollouts: The passkey revolution is gaining momentum! In November, several big players, including Roblox, Coinbase, Uber, and Dropbox, have made significant strides in their passkey rollouts. There’s never been more momentum for passkeys than now.
  • Passkeys at Web Summit: We returned to the Web Summit this year as part of the DE:Hub delegation. The contrast to last year was stark; most folks we spoke to were already aware of passkeys and understood the technology. It's a clear sign that passkeys are becoming mainstream in the tech world.

The Hanko Team

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