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Introducing, an interactive passkeys demo and info page, powered by Hanko.

Since Apple and Google both starred their passkey implementations at WWDC22 and Google I/O respectively and announced full passkey support on their platforms until the end of this year, we immediately came up with the plan to build a live demo for everyone to try out the new passkey authentication flows as they become gradually supported on iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

Now with iOS 16 released and available to download on almost all iPhones, we're excited to release It's a passkey demo and info page, dedicated to the new passwordless authentication standard that will become the password replacement for most login use cases.

Get your hands on passkeys

The star of the page is a live demo "login box" that comes with full passkey support – the real deal:

  1. Enter email address: Create a demo account by entering an email address (it doesn't have to be a real email address, as we do not verify it for the demo case)
  2. Create a passkey: In the next step, you are prompted to create a passkey for the new account, and are guided through your device's passkey UI
  3. Sign out: You now have successfully created a demo account and a passkey – sign out to try the login experience
  4. Sign in with passkey: After signing out, you don't have to enter your email address again, but can just click on "Sign in with passkey" and experience the beauty and simplicity of the new passkey login

Needless to say, the demo is powered by our authentication product Hanko in the passwordless configuration.

Aside from the demo login, the page features animations for the main passkey use cases and some explanations around them. We also linked relevant content from Apple and Google, as well as white papers around passkeys and multi-device FIDO credentials published by the FIDO Alliance.

Now visit and experience passwordless multi-device FIDO credentials, Phone as Security Key, and Conditional UI as these features become gradually available on your devices.

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