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'Solving auth' with open source, passkeys, and web components

Isn't auth solved?

Auth is not solved until there's an easy-to-integrate open-source auth solution that's on the same level as the login at Google and GitHub when it comes to UX as well as security.

This involves a well-crafted clean UI and a sensible choice of secure and user-friendly authentication methods. Passkeys play a crucial role for every app's login to achieve both goals.

Passkeys are the future

With the help of our awesome community, we have successfully launched the Hanko MVP that showcases how well a passkey-centric login works on the web today (hint: very well). We've managed to bring down integration time to a maximum of a few hours by leveraging Hanko Elements web components. This also greatly helps with framework compatibility and our 2,000+ users love us for it.

The next iteration of Hanko

Our team is now dedicated to introducing the next iteration of Hanko that will allow for much more flexibility when orchestrating different identifiers and auth methods like passwords, passcodes, OAuth, enterprise SSO with SAML/OIDC, and - of course - passkeys. We'll also be offering mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android that will allow you to launch your native app with a passkey login that can be paired with the platform's Sign in with Apple and Google services for maximum convenience, new user conversion, and security.

We can't wait to show you what's coming next. Stay tuned!

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