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The Hanko Docs Reinvented

Hanko Documentation got a revamp!


Our Docs were initially built on Docusaurus. But over time, we noticed finding what you needed in the Hanko Docs wasn’t as straightforward or user-friendly as we wanted. It was evident that our previous structure needed an overhaul.

We were looking for a complete makeover of Hanko Docs. So, started our research keeping user-friendliness and top-notch developer experience as our main priorities. The goal was simple - to create a space where getting started with Hanko feels smooth and intuitive.

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Welcome Nextra, Goodbye Docusaurus

Docusaurus was doing okay, but we wanted something with a fresher, more modern UI/UX right out of the box. So, we went with Nextra. But things got a bit tricky later. After making good progress on our docs (WITH NEXTRA) - having restructured and rewritten our framework guides - we hit a roadblock with the API-reference docs. Since we already had an open API spec for our APIs, we were on the hunt for a tool that could auto-generate our API docs. Nextra didn’t offer this feature straight away. Sure, we managed to pull it off by writing some scripts, but it wasn't the way we would have liked.

Welcome Mintlify, Goodbye Nextra

Mintlify emerged as the perfect platform for us, ticking all the boxes on our checklist. Modern UI/UX? Check. Ease of maintenance? Check. Auto-generating API docs from open API specs? Absolutely. And, it brings excellent SEO right out of the box too. Mintlify had everything we were searching for, making it a default choice for our docs. This jump in health score speaks for itself!

The new Docs


With the new structure, our objective was to simplicity and ease of navigation. The whole Docs are divided into 4 sections, 'Getting Started', 'Guides', 'Resources', and 'Community & Support'

The 'Getting Started' section houses the Intro, and instructions on how to set up Hanko Cloud and Quickstarts for different full-stack, frontend, and backend frameworks. Getting started with Hanko is even easier now.

'Guides' on the other hand, dives deeper into Hanko Elements, various authentication methods provided by Hanko, and how to configure them.

'Resources' is a collection of example apps and SDKs, crafted by the Hanko team and community.

Lastly, 'Community & Support' is your place to reach out to us and it also consists of troubleshooting advice if you get stuck.

What else can you expect?

We’ve done more than just revamp the structure and switch platforms. Every guide has been rewritten to simplify your user experience. Plus, we’ve introduced a new 'Tutorials' section, featuring end-to-end walkthroughs for building apps using Hanko alongside various technologies. And we didn’t stop there; starter repositories have been seamlessly integrated into each guide, ensuring a seamless beginning to your Hanko journey.

We're not done yet

Our journey doesn't end here, it's just the beginning. Exciting things are on the horizon! We're always tinkering around how we can take the DX of Hanko one step further and make it even more enjoyable and user-friendly to use, the goal is to keep improving. Your feedback is not just welcome, but essential. Let's keep getting better and better!

Open-source authentication for the win 🚀

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