Build with Hanko, win a MacBook 💥

Hanko Hackathon

Become a part of the open authentication revolution.

Are you ready to showcase your skills, try out Hanko, and make a mark in the developer community? Hanko is hosting a Hackathon with the aim of simplifying authentication & demystifying passkeys.

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We want you to build, innovate, and share your creations with the world.


Here’s what’s in it for you:

1x A brand new MacBook Pro 14" M2 - to power your future projects.

10x Yubikey 5C to ensure you stay secure online.

+ Exclusive Hanko swag to showcase you’re a part of the open authentication revolution.

How to take part?

📌 Challenges

1. Build with Hanko: Create any functioning app that can be hosted online with Hanko auth integrated!

2. Get creative (bonus challenge): Customize Hanko Elements. The most unique (yet functional) design takes the crown.

Here are a few things we’d love to see being worked on:

  • Build an example app with Supabase and integrate Hanko for authentication.

  • Create a Remix app using Hanko.

  • Develop an AI app and secure it with Hanko.

  • Bun & Hanko: Create an app using Bun and Hanko.

  • Auth Revolution: Replace an existing authentication solution with Hanko in a popular repository.

Although the topics listed above are relevant to us, you can surprise us with your own ideas. And if you find other things that are missing from our docs or starter repos on GitHub we’re happy to accept your contributions as well. Everything you contribute to Hanko counts towards Hacktoberfest and Hacksquad.

We also want to find every bug and hear about every challenge you have - so if you encounter any issue and aren’t able to finish, you can still submit your project & win rewards too! We’ll be active on Discord to help you during the Hackathon as well.

📌 How to enter

  • Build & Host: Your contributions should be hosted online. Provide a live link on any platform of your choice.

  • Documentation: Ensure you have a public repository with a comprehensive README document.

  • Star us: Head over to the Hanko GitHub and give us a star

  • Spread the Word: While it's not mandatory, we'd love for you to share your creations on social media. Don't forget to tag @hanko_io so we can retweet and amplify your shares!

  • Reach out if you want us to create a repo for you in

Hanko x Hacktoberfest x Hacksquad

Hackerthon icon

Because it’s October, every line of code you’ll write for the Hanko Hackathon will count towards Hacktoberfest as well as Hacksquad, which we’re also partnering with to maximize your chances of winning awesome rewards for your work.

If you decide to join Hacksquad, we’ll be active there as well. In the week from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15 we’ll be hosting two relevant events:

Oct 9 2023


Passkeys – The Future of Web Authentication

Hosted by Felix Magedanz, Founder of Hanko

Oct 10 2023


Building a Nuxt App with NuxtUI and Passkey Authentication

Hosted by Daniel Roe, Nuxt Core Team Lead

Learning resources

Official Hanko docs

Hanko Starter repos on GitHub

Next.js tutorial (beginner friendly)

The Future of Web Authentication – What Are Passkeys and Their Benefits to You When Building Apps

Oct. 9 Hacksquad Webinar

Building a Nuxt app (+NuxtUI) with passkey authentication

Oct. 10 Hacksquad Workshop


Not sure how to get started?

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We're excited to see your projects!

  • Provide a live link on any platform of your choice.
  • Ensure you have a public repository with a comprehensive README document.
  • The winners will be announced on Nov 4!
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