February 21, 2024
Hanko Cloud

Account linking, improved passkey naming

We have updated Hanko Cloud with the following changes:

  • Automatic account linking: Account linking is now activated by default for identity provider connections. This allows for existing accounts to be accessed with 3rd-party connections like Sign in with Google when using the same email address, and vice versa.
  • Improved passkey naming suggestions: When a new passkey is created, the original passkey name displayed in the list of passkeys in the user profile is generated by Hanko Backend. Previously, all passkey names looked like "Passkeys-ABCDE", where "ABCDE" was the last characters of the random credential ID. From now on, the passkey names are based on the available information about the authenticator used to create the passkey, e.g. "iCloud Keychain", "Windows Hello" or "1Password", which improves the usability of the passkey list in the user profile.

All Hanko Cloud projects have been updated to v0.10.

Check out the new features by signing in to your Hanko Cloud account.