February 3, 2023
Hanko Cloud

Hanko Cloud Release 2023-02-03

The following new features are now available for Hanko Cloud admins:

  • Profile. The new Hanko profile component that allows users to manage their email addresses and passkeys has made its way into Hanko Cloud and can be found in the top-right menu right above logout
  • Search users and events. We've added search functionality to users and events, allowing admins to look for specific entries in both tables and filter events by specific event types
  • Event details. More event details like the user's IP address or the user agent string can now be accessed by using the "extend" button on an event
  • Custom SMTP. Admins can now configure their own SMTP server for passcode emails
  • Resume project. Free projects are suspended after 7 days of inactivity to limit hosting costs so we added a "Resume" button that allows Hanko Cloud admins to continue using the free project

Check out the new features by signing in to your Hanko Cloud account.