July 28, 2023
Hanko Cloud

Hanko Cloud Release 2023-07-28

We have updated Hanko Cloud with the following changes:

  • API keys to access the admin API can now be created and managed for Hanko projects under Settings -> API Keys
  • User import has been added to the Users view with support for JSON files (an example file and the schema can be downloaded from the import popup)
  • More session duration options have been added to Settings -> Authentication -> Session duration
  • Free projects will now be paused after 7 days of no activity to conserve resources and avoid hosting unused applications; If that happens to one of your projects, we'll inform you via email; Paused projects can be reactivated anytime through the project's dashboard on Hanko Cloud
  • Several UI fixes and improvements

All Hanko Cloud projects have been updated to use the latest Hanko v0.8.1.

Check out the new features by signing in to your Hanko Cloud account.