October 24, 2022

Hanko v0.3.0 (Beta)

The main features of this release are support for Conditional UI and an audit log system.

Conditional UI

Hanko's login box now supports Conditional UI, aka passkey autofill. In supported browsers, the "Sign in with a passkey" button is no longer required, and instead a passkey autofill UI is displayed when the user clicks or taps on the username input. Passkey autofill lists all available passkeys and is much less intrusive or misleading than the extra button that may or may not work for users that don't have any passkey yet. You can test passkey autofill today by spinning up a local Hanko example. We will also update passkeys.io in the next few days. Browsers that already support conditional UI are:

  • Safari on iOS16
  • Safari on macOS13 Beta/RC
  • Chrome Canary on Android (with Play Services Beta)
  • Chrome Canary on Windows 11 22H2

Audit logs

We've added a new feature to Hanko backend to collect audit logs and an API to access the logs. The focus here is on user actions (e.g., login attempt, passkey creation, password changed).

New contributors

For more details about this release see full changelog on GitHub.