January 26, 2023
Hanko Elements

Hanko v0.4.0

This release introduces the new Hanko profile custom element and basic rate limiting.

Profile element

In addition to <hanko-auth>, hanko-elements now also contains <hanko-profile>, a profile page that can be integrated into your app and fully customized with CSS. The profile supports email and credential management, allowing your users to change their email address, their password (if enabled), and manage their passkeys.

You can check out the new <hanko-profile> on example.hanko.io. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Note: The import path for the elements package has been changed. See elements readme for more information. To use <hanko-profile>, you need the latest version of the hanko-elements (v0.1.1-alpha) and Hanko backend v0.4.0.

Rate limiting

This version also introduces basic rate limiting to Hanko to protect endpoints from scripted / DoS attacks. The rate limiter supports both in-memory and Redis configurations and uses a combination of user ID and IP address. (See docs).

WebAuthn credentials API

Hanko backend API now has endpoints to manage passkeys. Used by the new profile element, the new credentials API allows you to get a list of the user's passkeys, and individually rename and delete passkeys. (See docs).

Users & events search

Search endpoints are now available for users and events, preceding the upcoming release of the corresponding search features in Hanko Cloud. (See docs).

Full Changelog: v0.3.2...v0.4.0

All Hanko Cloud projects have been updated to v0.4.0 on Feb 3, 2023.

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