March 13, 2023
Hanko Elements

Hanko v0.5.0

3rd-party identity providers (OAuth SSO)

The leading feature of this release is support for 3rd-party identity providers, starting with Google and GitHub. Coming up next, Sign in with Apple is already in the making, and support for Microsoft accounts will follow shortly after. We've built the OAuth components in a modular way so that support for even more identity providers (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Slack) can be added quickly by us or external contributors if there's demand for it.

During the first months of working on Hanko, we focused our efforts towards establishing a fully usable, production-ready authentication stack that is built for passkeys. With this now in place, we're able to combine the new and exciting passkey login flows with today's most popular authentication methods, i.e., "social logins".

Even with passkeys now broadly supported on all ecosystems, we think that offering sign up and login options for popular 3rd-party identity providers still makes sense, especially to convert new users quickly by allowing them to skip the "enter your email" and email verification steps. After a successful sign in with e.g. Google, users will be presented with the option to create a passkey for the app where Hanko is integrated, which can then be used for subsequent logins that no longer need to (but still can) be done through the 3rd-party.

Updated example apps

We've updated the example apps to use the latest hanko-elements version and added the hanko-profile element to each example.

Logout function in frontend SDK

Thanks to @irby, we now have support for the logout flow in hanko-frontend-sdk, making Hanko's integration even simpler.

Full Changelog: v0.4.0...backend/v0.5.0

All Hanko Cloud projects have been updated to v0.5.0.

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