June 3, 2023
Hanko Elements

Hanko v0.7.0

This release introduces support for "Sign in with Apple", several enhancements to streamline Hanko Elements frontend integration, as well as some minor improvements and fixes.

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple is now supported as 3rd-party identity provider option.

Hanko Elements Improvements

All frontend functionalities are now accessible through the hanko-elements package, eliminating the need for a separate installation of the frontend-sdk package. Additionally, a new event system has been introduced, enabling developers to dynamically respond to certain events. For instance, you can now handle events such as session creation, session expiration, and auth flow completion to control user flows, manage JWTs, and more.

  • Please take a look at the updated readme for a list of the new events and their descriptions.
  • A new web component <hanko-events> has been added that doesn't contain any UI elements, but can make integration with the new event features simpler in some cases.
  • All example apps under frontend/examples have been updated to demonstrate how to integrate the new functionality with certain frontend frameworks.

Full Changelog: backend/v0.6.0...backend/v0.7.0

All Hanko Cloud projects will be automatically updated to the latest Hanko version.

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