July 6, 2023
Hanko Elements

Hanko v0.8.0

In this release we consolidated the version numbers of the hanko backend and hanko-elements and the frontend-sdk, so it's clear which components work together. On top of that we introduce several small features. Some of the highlights are:

  • Custom translations for hanko-elements
  • User import
  • Improved events in hanko-elements
  • Documentation for creating a nuxt app with hanko. The nuxt module can be found here. Thanks to @danielroe and @McPizza0
  • New example: deno/fresh. Thanks to @tobihans

Migrating from hanko-elements v0.5.5 to v0.8.0

Under certain conditions migration could be necessary. For more details see: github.com/teamhanko/hanko/releases/tag/backend%2Fv0.8.0

Full Changelog: backend/v0.7.1...backend/v0.8.0

All Hanko Cloud projects will be automatically updated to the latest Hanko backend version.

Check out Hanko on GitHub and npm