November 9, 2023
Hanko Cloud

Subdomains & Hanko v0.9 support

We have updated Hanko Cloud with the following changes:

  • Subdomain support: Under project Settings > Advanced is now a new option to configure multiple origins for your Hanko project. Passkeys are always bound to a specific domain, that's how they are so effective against phishing attacks. But that means that you have to define to which domain you want to bind the passkeys for your users. Typically, that's the App URL where your app is hosted and where you integrate Hanko Elements web components. But in certain scenarios, you may want to host your app under, e.g.,, but want to bind your user's passkeys to, That means you'll be able to make the same passkeys usable on and all its subdomains. For this to work you have to set your App URL to and add all subdomains you want to support to the origin list. You can always add more subdomains and all existing passkeys will work there as well.
  • Links to guides fixed: Links to the integration guides on the project dashboard had changed due to our docs being migrated to Mintlify. The linked guides now point to the correct locations in again.

New Hanko Cloud projects will use the latest Hanko v0.9.0. All existing projects are still on Hanko v0.8.4 but will be updated soon.

Check out the new features by signing in to your Hanko Cloud account.