June 15, 2022

Hanko open source ready to test

Following some productive weeks, today we announce the first functional Alpha release of Hanko open source on GitHub.

What's already working

The Hanko open source project packs Hanko API including our FIDO-certified WebAuthn endpoints and hanko-js, a web component that can be integrated into any website with just two lines of code.

  • Registration and login flows with and without passwords
  • Passkey authentication
  • Passcodes, a convenient way to recover account access and verify email addresses
  • Multi-language support (English and German for now)
  • JWT issuing
  • Admin API

How to get started

Just follow the Getting Started guide in the project's readme to get your passkey-enabled login example app up and running locally with Docker Compose in just a few minutes.

Get involved

We'd love to get to know you and hear your feedback, so we invite you to join our growing Hanko Community on Slack and be a part of the passkey revolution.