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The Hanko Hackathon

We just wrapped our first-ever Hackathon, and we're here to tell you about it. We learned a ton, met some fantastic new people, and teamed up with the awesome people at Hacksquad. It was great to see so many people get together to turn their imaginations into actual products – all under one roof: The Hanko Discord.

A huge thank you to everyone in our community who showed up. This event was a hit because of your energy and enthusiasm. Here's the story of how it all happened.


The Game Plan

As Hacktoberfest was rolling in, we had an idea of why not run our own Hackathon alongside it. The best part? We decided to join forces with Nevo and the awesome folks at Hacksquad, which really amped things up.

Our Hackathon page went live on the first day of October. The stakes were high with a brand-new MacBook Pro M2 (hint: It will be an M3) for our winner and YubiKey 5Cs for the ten runner-ups.

The excitement got even bigger when we got a shoutout from awesome folks at Twitter and just like that, our little Hackathon was the talk of the town.

(These two X posts got more than 700k views combined 🤯)


The Hustle

Once we dropped the announcement, our Discord server exploded with new users joining in. It felt like a festival season in chat! There was some real excitement – everyone asking questions and getting enthusiastic about what they were going to build using Hanko. We couldn't help but get swept up in the excitement ourselves. Watching the community come alive with anticipation and start tinkering out their projects was the best kind of chaos. We loved every bit of it.


The Outcome

Alright, let's talk about how it all turned out. After a month of coding, the 31st was the last date for submissions and we received some creative and clever projects. Choosing a winner was a tough call because it seemed like most of the participants really brought their A-game to the table.

But in the end, we had to make the call, so finally, on November 4th, we announced the results.

The winner of the Macbook Pro M3 is Riccardo Perra. His project stood out because of the overall quality of the app, the beautiful use and styling of the Hanko components, and the comprehensive blog post and readme.

🥇 Blog Post

🥇 GitHub Repo


Some more projects that we really loved:

🥈 Budget Guru

by José Donato


🥈 Rapid Product Shoots

by Varun Balani


🥈 AI Magic

by Johan Guse


🥈 Learn Anything

by Nikita


The Conclusion

What a ride it's been! Not only did we witness great projects built using Hanko, but received some valuable feedback on Hanko and our docs. Thanks to that, we've made some great tweaks and improvements. High-fives all around to everyone who participated, and now we're super excited for what's coming up next.



The Hanko Team 🎈

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