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January Update: Passkey API, 5k Stars, Roadmap

The first month of the new year is already behind us. Things move fast and so do we. Here’s what happened in January:

🚀 Hanko Passkey API launched

We're thrilled to introduce the Hanko Passkey API, a major leap forward in our mission to make passkeys universally accessible. Now, adding passkey authentication to your apps has never been easier, even without overhauling your existing auth stack.

✨ To the stars and beyond: Hanko has 5,000 GitHub stars

Our GitHub community has reached a new milestone – 5,000 stars! This achievement reflects the incredible support and enthusiasm from all of you. Thank you for being part of our journey and helping us moving open authentication and passkeys forward.

🛣️ Hanko roadmap

What's Next for Hanko? Transparency and collaboration are core to our mission. We're excited to share our roadmap, offering a glimpse into the future of Hanko and when you can expect new features and improvements. Have a feature in mind? Check out our roadmap to see when it's coming.

🏎️ New Hanko starter projects

New starter project templates make getting started with your next app project a breeze. Check out the repos on our GitHub as always:

🌐 Passkey ecosystem

  • Firefox gets full passkey support on Macs: Apple recently opened the passkey infrastructure on macOS, allowing 3rd-party apps like browsers and native Mac apps direct access to system-level APIs to trigger passkey creation and authentication while allowing passkey synchronization through iCloud Keychain. Firefox is joining Safari and Chromium-based browsers and is the last major browser that now has full passkey support on macOS.
  • Playstation embraces passkeys: Hot on the heels of Nintendo, Sony has introduced passkey support for PlayStation accounts, marking another milestone for passkey adoption in the gaming world.
  • X introduces passkeys: Our beloved little bird is testing passkeys for its US-based users, with a global rollout expected soon. This is especially awesome since SMS-based 2FA has been disabled for non-paid users a while ago, leaving some accounts unprotected.

Here’s to a year of many more passkey deployments.

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