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October Update: Enterprise SSO, Hackathon, Passkey momentum

Hello Hanko enthusiasts!

October and the Hackathon (or "Hankathon" as we could have called it) have been a whirlwind of excitement and advancement for both the open source community and us here at Hanko. Here's the scoop on what's been happening!

✨ Product Updates

  • Hanko v0.9 Release: Big news! We've released Hanko version 0.9 on GitHub, which brings SAML Enterprise SSO connections and User Export into the fold, along with various improvements and fixes. These features are set to enhance the Hanko experience and will be available on Hanko Cloud very soon.
  • New Starter Repos: For the developers out there, we've expanded our GitHub presence with the latest React-Express Starter Repo. It’s now easier than ever to jumpstart your React project with a suite of Hanko-powered passkey authentication templates.

πŸ“° Other News‍

  • Hanko Hackathon: Our community is our pride! With the Hanko Discord channel now boasting over 300 members and our GitHub stars doubling to more than 4500, we're ecstatic. The Hanko Hackathon has seen a flood of submissions, and we're diligently sifting through each innovative entry. Keep an eye out for the winner announcements and some project showcases coming your way.
  • Website Relaunch: Have you seen our new digital home? Visit the revamped our website to see how we're spearheading the Open Authentication movement. Our refreshed site puts a spotlight on Hanko's strengths and aligns with the industry's shift towards passkeys - a pillar of our strategy since inception.
  • ‍Passkeys vs. CAPTCHA: Tired of those pesky CAPTCHAs? We discussed how passkeys could be the knight in digital armor against bots in our latest blog post. Dive in here: Passkeys as CAPTCHA Alternative.

πŸ” Passkey Ecosystem‍

  • Tremendous Passkey Momentum: The tech giants are echoing our sentiment on passkeys. With Amazon and WhatsApp rolling out passkey support, the convenience of passkey authentication is now a reality for their massive user bases.‍
  • Google Makes Passkeys the Default: Google isn’t just flirting with passkeys anymore - they’ve gone all-in. After a successful mass rollout, passkeys are now the default for Google accounts, signaling a major industry shift towards this secure and user-friendly authentication method.‍
  • One of the Last Missing Pieces on macOS is Here: Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers can now access iCloud Keychain on macOS to create and use platform-synced passkeys. You can now use the same passkeys across most common browsers on macOS with a consistent UI and don't have to worry about losing access to Chrome passkeys anymore.


As we close the chapter on another month, we're filled with gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm. The future of authentication is open, and together, we're writing its story.


Stay secure and open,

The Hanko Team


To stay updated on all things Hanko, follow us on GitHub and join the conversation on Discord.


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